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Updated Dec 28, 2017 by Walking_Atlas using our MTG Deck Builder. A deck focused pumping up its commanders with auras from the [[Runes of the Deus]] cycle. First off, he cannot be an EDH general, as he is not legendary, but hypothetically if he were, yes, he would count as all five colors, just as his printed text says. That sounds along the lines of both bosh and memnarch as EDH generals, both of whom now can be, along with the other 3? legendary creatures with different colors in their textbox. Transguild Courier 5 color general, Esper deck with the capability to produce green/red for [[skyreach manta]] and [[opaline bracers]]. This is the "colors matter" PEDH deck I've been trying to make for sometime. this whole deck was based around finding a home for [[phyrexian bloodstock]], a mediocre card with a great illustration; so making it viable requires some color abuse.

New to Pauper EDH, building Transguild Courier, need help My friend and I are both building pauper EDH decks to do battle this weekend, and we both picked 5c generals. I selected [Transguild Courier], he picked [Fusion Elemental]. So we found the worst five-color commander without a doubt, Transguild Courier and jammed in a lot of cards that pretend to be active while actually doing nothing. Who says you can't go back to college? Isn't it better to summon blackboards than Bulvoxes?

24/12/2013 · 1. Is Transguild Courier considered a 5C creature? Meaning can I use it as a pauper Commander and play all 5 colors? 2. If I use a creature with Bestow as my Pauper Commander ex. Erebos's Emissary, if I cast the creature with Bestow from. Ok, I don't play EDH often at all, but I do have a nasty Esper deck that is nearly big enough to be 100 cards. The deck runs normally at 85 cards. So, I need a good idea for an Esper commander. Any ideas? The deck runs a fun gimmick too. Transguild Courier and Spirit of Resistance. I use Memnarch and a Liquid Metal Coating for the lols, also.

Replacement Commanders — Revving up this Engine. December 15, 2017 by DM Cross. Well, ladies and goblins we are back for another installment of Replacement commanders! Choose any color you want though, and the rules of EDH will make it produce colorless mana rather than any type that isn't your general's color identity. As for cards you should actually use because of this, Coalition Relic is still fantastic even in colorless EDH No, Transguild Courier's color identity is.

Transguild Courier no longer has a CDA as of the release of Innistrad -- he's been errata'd to just have a color indicator. The same applies to similar cards such as Crimson Kobolds and Evermind. Lhurgoyf and friends may be a better example. – Brian S Nov 26 '13 at 22:20. 03/03/2009 · The importaint thing to remember about EDH is that it is essentially nothing more than house rules, so there is nothing wrong with making your own house rules to complement it. I would just advise you to keep a "legal" edh deck in the event you end up.

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